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Dear Parents and Students:


Denham Springs High School will begin offering CLEP testing for individual students starting in February. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students the opportunity to receive college credit for what they already know by earning qualifying scores on any of the offered exams. Each test is 90 minutes in length, given in a computer based format on our campus, and results are given at its completion. While there are a number of tests available, we recommend students take tests for courses in which they are currently enrolled. In the future, we hope to offer testing sessions for students that would like to review the material before taking the exam.

Before taking a test, we recommend students and parents learn more about which CLEP credit is accepted by the prospective college.  Refer to the college website to confirm the score you need to receive college credit or visit the following link to get more information:  Please check college acceptance of a particular test before enrolling.

We will be offering specific CLEP test for students enrolled in the following courses and information will be sent through the class on how to sign up:


High School Course                                                           CLEP Exam

English IV                                                                        College Composition

American History                                                             History of the United States II

Advanced Math                                                               College Algebra

Biology II                                                                          Biology

Marketing                                                                         Principles of Marketing

Spanish III                                                                        Spanish I

Chemistry                                                                        Chemistry (AP students who scored a 2 on AP exam)


A full list of CLEP tests are as follows:


  • American Government

  • Western Civilization II

  • College Algebra

  • History of the United States I

  • Spanish Language*

  • College Mathematics

  • History of the United States    II

  • Humanities

  • Natural Sciences

  • Human Growth and Development

  • American Literature

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Introduction to Educational  Psychology

  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature*

  • Financial Accounting

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • College Composition*

  • Information Systems

  • Introduction to Sociology*

  • College Composition Modular*

  • Introductory Business Law

  • Principles of  Macroeconomics

  • English Literature

  • Principles of Management

  • Principles of Microeconomics

  • Biology

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Social Sciences and History

  • Calculus

  • French Language

  • Western Civilization I

  • Chemistry

  • German Language



 *Denotes most passed courses


Payment:  Students will sign up through the main office.  It will be $90.00 ($5 exam fee included) per test.  The student will select the day and the exam they would like to take.  A voucher code will be given to the student and they will sign up through the CLEP website.


If you have any questions about the CLEP exams feel free to contact the office at 665-8851 or email at

Thank you and we look forward to helping your student get ahead in their college career!




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