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SEA Club: Students for Environmental Action

SEA logo.png
  • SEA is a group of students committed to environmental awareness and promoting environmental action within our school and community.

  • If you are interested in Environmental Issues, Raising Public Awareness for Environmental Issues, Projects Around Campus, Community Outreach and Summer Camps, SEA may be a club for you to be part of.

  • For our fall campaign, SEA Club is collecting plastic grocery bag and turning them into sleeping mats for hurricane and homeless shelters in our local area.

  • SEA club meets during Club III rotation during school and Mondays after school from 2:40-3:30.


Contact Information:

Club Sponsor:  Miranda Moore  email:   Room: 101 in the Science Building

Google Classroom Join Code: mwriboe

Remind 101 Code: Text 8101   Message @c88k6c

Club Dues are $15 and this includes a t-shirt for the year.

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