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2024 Hall of Fame Nominations deadline is March 31st. 
Nomination guidelines can be found HERE





Class of 2011 (15)

Ivy Brown 

Louis Carlisle                       

Glenn Glass                          

Cecil Harris                          

Grady Hornsby   

Alton Leggette                                      

Ben McDonald  

Leslie McDowell  

Sarah Meadors Mestepey           

Jana Garrison Orillion                

Drexel Robinson                          

Kelvin Robinson                          

Randy Rushing                            

Roger West                                   

Butch Wax

Class of 2012 (14)

DeWayne Bailey                                

Jim Beasley                                       

J. W. Day                                

Lloyd deGeneres                 

Sam Digirolamo        

Shannon Covington Fuentes 

Larry Glover        

Donald Ray Hood                   

Russ Johnson

Eddie Joe Jones

Andy Netterville

Leslie O’Neal

A. E. Sutton

Reverend Michael Talbert

Class of 2013 (7)

Celeste Gully Callender  

Joseph Chustz

Katrina Hibbert

Nikki Dixon Leader

George Meadors

Shannon Roubique

Dr. Michael Sceroler

Class of 2014 (8) 

Ryan Byrd   

Dr. Milton Hughes

Jim Kemp 

Steve Long 

Nancy Davis McConnell  

Diane Small Oliveaux 

Paige Satcher

Rex Wilkinson  

Class of 2015 (8) 

Harvey Armstrong                    

Teresa Babin Fontaine            

Sammy Dixon Hannaman   

Bradley Harris                             

 Kenny Loup                              

Tasmin Mitchell                      

Rene Moseley Severio  

Roy Zachary                                  

Class of 2016 (8)   

 Bert Barnett

 Todd Burks

 Susan Williams Chambliss

 Anthony Dugas

 Van Foster, Jr.

 Laurin Byars Garrison

 Dr. Jeff Harris

Dr. David Thibodeaux

Class of 2017 (5)      

Lancy Hill   

Colonel (Ret) Tom Kelly  

Randy Pope   

State Senator Rogers Pope  

Robbie Allen Spangler                                                                     

 Class of 2018 (3)  

Maurice Cockerham Durbin  

Colonel (Ret) Jim Spring  

Jimmy Tullos   

Class of 2019 (6)

Michael Boone- Inducted w/ 2020 class

Jamie Chustz - Felder

Ivy Van Foster, III

Robert Graves

Raymond Harris

Regena Jackson

Class of 2020 (5)

Lisa Dugas

Clint Earnhart 

Bob Ingalls 

Katie Roux Prescott 

Lathan Sutton 

Class of 2021 (4)

Sid Garrison

Jennie Reeves

Blaine Posey

Robert Roux

Class of 2022 (5)

Cole Doiron

Scott Fontenot

Trey Fontenot

Dee Rancher Langlois

Natalie Landry

Class of 2023 (5)

Catherine Spangler Dehlin 

Lakeisha Lee

Dru Nettles

Russell Sanchez

Anthony Watts


~The Best of the Best ~

Throughout its long history, starting in 1897, the Denham Springs High School Yellow Jackets, formerly known as the Tomcats, have forged a rich athletic tradition built around quality coaches and athletes.  Only in the past couple of decades has DSHS become one of the state’s larger high schools, so for much of its history it was considered a small, country school.  Thus, it is remarkable the Yellow Jackets have produced so many celebrated athletes through the years. 


DSHS High School All-Americans

1979 Kelvin Robinson (Football)

1985 Jana Garrison (Tennis)
1986 Jana Garrison (Tennis)

2004 Ryan Byrd (Baseball)

2004 Tasmin Mitchell (Boys’ Basketball)

2005 Tasmin Mitchell (Boys’ Basketball)

2017 Abby O’Donoghue (Track & Field/Indoor)

2019 Cade Doughty (Baseball)


DSHS Collegiate All-Americans

1986 Russell Sanchez (NJCAA Baseball)      

1988 Ben McDonald (Baseball)

1989 Ben McDonald (Baseball) + Golden Spikes Award

1992 Russ Johnson (Baseball/All Freshman Team)

1994 Russ Johnson (Baseball)

1999 Joey Chustz (Football)

2006 Tasmin Mitchell (Men’s Basketball/All Freshman Team)
2011 Regena Jackson (NAIA Women’s Basketball)

2012 Regena Jackson (NAIA Women’s Basketball)

2015 Mac Sceroler (Baseball/All Freshman Team)

2018 Travis Swaggerty (Baseball)

2019 Abby O’Donoghue (Track & Field/Indoor)

2020 Abby O’Donoghue (Track & Field/Indoor)

2021 Abby O’Donoghue (Track & Field/Indoor & Outdoor)


DSHS Professional Athletes

Ben McDonald (Major League Baseball) + 1988 Seoul Olympics

Russ Johnson (Major League Baseball)

Katrina Hibbert (Women’s National Basketball Association)

Joey Chustz (National Football League)                                                            

Mac Sceroler (Major League Baseball) 
Travis Swaggerty (Major League Baseball)

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